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The Human Resources Department commits to maximizing the potential of our greatest asset—our employees.  We are committed to recruiting, selecting, and retaining our national workforce.  At HSM, we embrace transformation and the opportunity it brings to provide high-quality care to family, friends, and loved ones.

We provide the HR Department at each Health Services Management facility the tools to implement best HR practices and apply company-wide policies to operate efficiently and effectively.  The HR Department administers recruitment, training, employee programs, and various activities related to human resources management and administration.

HSM provides a culture that promotes safety and recognizes the value of diversity in the workplace.  The HR Department is devoted to meeting our employees as well as our residents’ needs with resourceful and innovative services, delivered in a welcoming atmosphere. The HR Department is committed to treating employees with dignity and equality while maintaining company compliance with employment labor laws and corporate directives.

HSM has various open positions throughout Florida, Indiana, Texas, and Tennessee. Please follow the links below for more information.

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