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Health Services Management


Health Services Management (HSM) is a multi-state, non-profit long term care community operator providing quality services to our country’s aged and disabled population. Founded in 2000, HSM has proudly grown across four states with the capacity to serve over 2,300 patients and residents.

HSM is known for its successful management of skilled nursing and assisted living communities.  As an industry leader, our success comes from our core strengths:

  • Focus on Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Care
  • Regulatory and Compliance Expertise
  • Experience of Facility-Level Personnel
  • Commitment to Investment in Facilities
  • Proven Financial Track Record

HSM’s extensive experience and expertise in the skilled nursing industry makes us ideally suited for continued growth and expansion. We own and operate healthcare communities throughout Florida, Indiana, Tennessee, and Texas. Our corporate headquarters is located in Crystal River, Florida.


Our vision is to create an environment where people are loved, valued, and at peace.


Our mission is to serve our residents with superior care in a loving, dignified and compassionate manner. We strive to maintain an environment that meets each resident’s physical, mental and spiritual needs; builds strong and meaningful relationships with our residents, families, and team members; and fosters individuality, independence, and a culture of continuous improvement.


  • Always do what’s in the resident’s best interest
  • Always be ethical and respectful
  • All things are possible
  • Focus on positivity
  • Dedication to providing patient-centered care
  • Provide timely, professional, and effective service to all
  • Take initiative
  • Be Compassionate
  • Encourage an “us” mentality
  • Be humble
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